In A Woman’s Womb

In A Woman’s Womb

Destinies Small and Great…

In all Strata and spheres…

Either Bearing Lofty Tittles and Often With Immeasurable Wealth…

Or As Nameless As They Come And Without A Promised Future…

Be it The Captain of The World’s Mightiest of Vessels,

A Great King, A noble, a commoner or a Beggar on the streets…

Unique and different in all ramifications but all Having One Thing in Common….

A Birth, by a woman, having a mother.

Are Women not Heroes? What would then be the best term to describe the source of all life? Or what would be the most befitting award for the ones burdened with a periodic festival of red? Or the ones saddled with breeding and teaching, nurturing and correcting with love, or those holding the balance and the fate of the world by teaching and mentoring the future generations? Or would it kill to give well-deserved reverence to the ones standing in the gap for the rest of the world by being the ones behind the true successes of most truly successful men?

It then becomes alarming and a surprise when the majority of women in our century

Choose to bicker and spend time on things with little or no value, choosing a make-up box over rebuilding and redirecting the fate of the world by giving quality time to teaching and nurturing the lords of the future, choosing to rather waste time on irrelevances rather than self-development and taking their original place as it has been from the beginning. We complain about how society has been unfair, judgmental, always placing a man born of a woman before a woman in clear situations where a woman is more qualified and well-suited.

A woman’s womb is the birth place of all scores of men and the society at large yet, society seldom respects the position of a woman. The woman’s contribution in the life of a child has had more to do with setting great men we see today on their various courses yet, the woman has been relegated to the kitchen, treated over time as a second class citizen. The birth of a Male child is perceived as far more important and well celebrated compared to that of the girl child. So who exactly is to blame??

Since society has decided to choose the man over a woman, what has been done by the women folk to correct Society? Since a woman holding a public post is almost a taboo to Society, who has made it a job to regularly prove the general populace wrong? Has it not been the norm for the women folk to continue creating a lasting wrong impression? Choosing irrelevances over making ourselves the great tool to societal development for which we were originally created?  Society might be wrong but if we take a momentary pause, considering critically all that which we have been charged of over time, what realities might be lying in wait?

So, the advice for women is simple. Use make-up and be the beauty queens that you are but most importantly, do not forget the great responsibility we all carry while trying to be plastic dolls. It would do us more harm than good to concentrate on making our bodies perfect yet forgetting to project ourselves, qualities and who we are in the right light. Our wombs might be the source of the world, and the incubator for all that is great in the world today, but it is not enough to tell our stories and demand the right treatment and respect from the world. Let us constantly have a rethink of all actions before taking them, while weighing the repercussions and backlash. And most importantly, let go of the image society expects from you. This would go a long way in making our lives happier and beautiful.


So, What would you do???…………… Lagos Women Run

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